Frozen Yogurt and other ramblings…

Max and I just went to Yogurtland, which is, in my opinion, and the opinion of others, the best self-serve frozen yogurt chain in LA. There are many imitations throughout LA, very few coming anywhere close to the quality of Yogurtland. This evening I tried a new flavor, new to me as I usually get cake batter flavor, Cinnamon Graham Cracker. It was so good that I wish I hadn’t put it alongside Passion Fruit (which was good but not as good). CGC reminded me of the cinnamon milkshakes I used to get back in Memphis at Java Cabana, a coffee shop that used to be owned by a friend’s dad. Java was actually a really great place for me as a teenager. I had a great group of friends who I’d meet up with on Thursday nights there for Open Mic Night. Writers, musicians, quiet artists just there to listen, and some of the weirdest and most interesting people Midtown Memphis had to offer would gather there to share. Although looking back the work we shared was, on the whole, pretty bad (it was high school!), at the time I was so enthused and impressed with my fellow writers and musicians. It was truly a wonderful experience for the budding talent that attended. Once I was in college, still in Memphis for a semester, I stopped going to Java, sitting on its mismatched furniture, writing in its many journals left around the shop. A new group of young artists took over and the cycle continued and I hope still does. It felt good to have a supportive rather than competitive literary environment. As an older, but still young writer, I find micro-communities like this to be less and less. We certainly have our own at CalArts but there is a good deal of competition there, I have found.

I’d really like to start a writing group after I graduate.

Yawn. I’m tired. Going to watch Max play LA Noire for a while.



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