Thesis Break-Through!

Goodness, goodness. So I met with Mady today to go over how I had attempted to organize my thesis. Wow! She really opened up my eyes and came at the organizing of it with method that really made sense to me. I had everything as I explained in the previous post, and although some of that ordering made sense, she was able to see that there are four clear sections or movements of the text. Because of this, it didn’t make sense to have the lover poems at the beginning of the book because the first section was about a certain way of seeing/being a child. Therefore, I am going to take her advice and arrange the poems according to her method, which really just moved some things around, and separated the movements–but the basic trajectory I was trying to get at still stands to an extent. So I am glad that I wasn’t completely off the mark. It also meant that it’s time for me to eliminate certain poems that just don’t have as much power, weight, movement, etc. Thankfully, these are the poems that I wasn’t feeling super strongly about, so they just don’t need to be in there. Meeting with her today really opened up my understanding of my work as a collection and I think will bring the work into a much more readable space as a whole. Which is obviously the goal since I want to get the book published. So, thank you, Mady for helping me when I really needed it! I knew her sense of narrative would really bring light to the ordering of my poems. 

Feeling like I know what the next step is before I turn the work in for my rough draft, as well as to upcoming first book contests.



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