First Book Prizes

Ugh! Back from Spring Break and feeling very done with school… despite the 6 weeks until graduation. Basically my thesis is *done.* I mean, it just feels very done. The writing of it. I think Mady really helped me organize it. Now I can just go on revising it until the end of time. However, I would like to get it published as soon as possible. I don’t know how much of a real chance I have at this point, but I am starting the process of submitting to first book contests. 

Just submitted first to the Four Way Books first book contest.

Upcoming contests to submit to include Tupelo Press and the Agnes Lynch Sarret Prize, among many others. There are some to submit to this spring, then the rest in the fall. I truly, truly, hope one of these contests will decide to publish my book. 

So much to do before graduation. My thesis reading is coming up in May. I am moving in with Max. Lots to do. Lots to do.

On another note, I had a really great final interview with Teach For America, so hopefully they will accept me to teach in the fall. The final interview was interesting. I did it in Memphis because I happened to be visiting there already for Spring Break. It was interesting because I was one of 3 older people there. And I’m obviously not old, but by older I mean not still in undergrad. I felt like I was more qualified than the undergrad kids. Though they all did well too, I felt like I was most comfortable in my teaching demonstration. The private interview was really comfortable too. 

Just found out I didn’t get free admission to the Juniper Summer Writing Institute at UMass Amherst this summer. I am very happy with the other CalArts person they chose though because her writing is amazing. I could still go but I have to pay and I just don’t think with moving and all that I’ll have the money to go. 😦

Okay, I got to run.


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