My Latest Endeavor

As you all may know, in addition to being a poet, I’m also a postpartum doula for Birthwell LA and my own company, Umeboshi Babies~Naturally-Minded Postpartum Doula Services, and the founder/editor of Red Sky: A Literary Journal. I have newly created a site for my newest endeavor: Sacred Poetics Los Angeles.

What are sacred poetics? They are the words we create to explore our lives, our dreams, and our inner journeys. They manifest on the page as a narrative, a brief image, a moment, a meditation. Many people find their way to these manifestations through journaling. However, through compassionate dialogue and sharing, we can hone and develop this work into something more formed. We gather together in the safety of a group, we make the space sacred, and we support each other in assembling a collection of words. At the end of the workshop series, we put this collection into book form. Beautiful papers and adornments hold our one-of-a-kind book of sacred poetics.

I hope you will check out the site, and if you live in LA, enroll in a workshop!




PANK Excitement!

Very, very, very excited today because the July issue of [PANK] came out today and it includes my poem, “Gods.” I am extra excited because [PANK] is a magazine I genuinely love reading. They choose a lot of writers I respect. So it feels huge to be included among such great work. It took some time to get into [PANK] but I couldn’t be happier that it finally happened!

Here is the link to my poem: “Gods” by Zoe Etkin

Thanks for reading!

Summer Updates

Hello world,

It’s been a while since I’ve written on here. I’ve been very busy. I finished school at CalArts, did all those readings, finished up my thesis and moved to LA from Valencia. Now I’m finally working and being productive. I have a day job gig at Creative Space Summer Camp as the Acting Specialist–so I get to use my long-since-retired theatre knowledge and my writing skills to help the kids create little skits for the end of camp. The kids are ages 5-12 so they’re pretty cute and have funny ideas. I’m also about to finally have my first official client as a postpartum doula. She’s due in about a week and a half! I can’t wait. I’ve also been really lucky to find a birth company to be a part of. I now am a postpartum doula (though I have to wait to get a Birthwell client til camp ends because I won’t have time–sadly) and blogger/office intern for Birthwell Los Angeles. It’s an awesome organization run by a midwife. So far working with them has been awesome. I love hanging out up in Topanga, CA, where she lives/works. So beautiful. It’s also great because I get to use my writing skills. I finally feel like I’ve found the right profession for me. I’m also interviewing at a university to teach writing comp–which would be a great supplemental source of income between doula gigs. 

It’s late, I should sleep.

Here is a link to my Birthwell blog post: Fearless Dads, Fearless Homebirth