Literary Magazines

Here’s a list of the literary magazines I’ve sent work to. I realize some of these are VERY ambitious. I’m not expecting much–but why the hell not submit anyway?

I’d love to post my work on this blog so people can read it, but unfortunately that would make it “published” and not able to be sent to literary magazines. If/when I get something published at a magazine, I will link the work. Until then, I can’t risk any of it being considered previously published. Lame, I know. But those are the rules.

The Boston Review (contest)


LA Review—Rejected (asked to resend work)

Poetry Magazine—Rejected (stock rejection letter)

The Missouri Review

Burnside Review

491 Magazine

The Southeast Review

The Baltimore Review

Boxcar Poetry Review

Burning Word

Deep South Magazine

Memoir (and)

Drunken Boat

Opium Magazine

PANK—Rejected (longer response)

Platte Valley Review

Raleigh Review

Valparaiso Poetry Review

Gertrude Press

Hayden’s Ferry Review

Potomac Review


Off the Coast

Paper Darts Magazine

Poetry South (Yazoo River Press)

Weave Magazine

Tipton Poetry Journal


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